Global focus on quantum brings local currency

Nicole Bittar

Making quantum leaps in the global economy is only possible with the latest, greatest and most informed guidance. 

That’s because emerging quantum technologies involve a new way of thinking that could not only help counter the world’s most pressing issues, such as climate change, hunger and disease, but evolve —fast — to withstand cyber-attacks and security breaches. 

In the business sphere, quantum computing’s capability to ultimately revolutionise the global digital economy and safeguard the future of cyber make it a strategic imperative. 

To date, quantum technologies have given rise to an increasing number of governments and businesses worldwide investing more than $35.5 billion in quantum strategies, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Quantum Computing. 

Closer to home, companies and research professionals who seek to harness the limitless potential of quantum computing and technologies are invited to attend the Sydney Quantum Academy’s (SQA) annual Quantum Australia Conference and Careers Fair. 

The SQA, which is supported by the NSW government, is a collaboration between four world-leading universities: Macquarie University, UNSW Sydney, The University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney.  

Hot on the heels of the inaugural event, which last year showcased the cream of the global and local quantum academic and economics/business cognoscenti, attracting 300-plus organisations, the 2023 event will be held at the Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park from 21 to 23 February. 

Such is the increasing demand for expertise in a quantum economic setting that the second annual SQA event, which this year explores the theme of ‘building the foundations for a quantum economy’, is already sold out. 

However, the good news for interested participants, who may or may not reside in Sydney, is that online attendance is still available. 

Attendees gain access to quantum expertise from across the globe for an intensive and extensive program of panels and presentations on the industry’s latest developments and innovative collaborations. 

Conference participants will be spoilt for choice, with more than 60 speakers and panellists covering a wide-ranging agenda, including the state of the nation, cybersecurity, sustainability, quantum chemistry, commercialisation, software and hardware, the role of government and plenty more in store. 

Keynote speakers include the federal Industry and Science minister Ed Husic, chief scientist Dr Cath Foley, the CEO and founder of Diraq, Andrew Dzurak, and the cofounder and CEO of PsiQuantum, Jeremy O’Brien. 

The full list of speakers and panellists reads like a who’s who of the quantum academic research and business world. 

Of course, networking opportunities also abound in person and online, with attendees tapping into a knowledge bank of more than 700 quantum technology experts, emerging talent, industry suppliers, clients and investors.  

A careers fair will also provide potential employers with a unique opportunity to engage with Australia’s in-demand emerging talent, early career researchers and students. 

Operating on day three of the event, the careers fair reveals the essential study pathways to establishing quantum careers — offering support for scholarships and program options. 

With the Sydney Quantum Academy predicting that Australia’s quantum industry is set to generate about 8,700 jobs by 2030, escalating to 19,400 jobs by 2045, it’s heartening to note that the careers fair is free for students and educators.  

So, with everything to gain, join the Quantum Australia Conference and Careers Fair online to watch all the presentations and content live or on-demand. You can also view and connect with fellow conference delegates online and visit the virtual exhibits — featuring more than 20 online booths, plus more to be announced. 

For further information, visit the Sydney Quantum Academy’s Quantum Australia Conference and Careers Fair website or email: is a media partner of the Sydney Quantum Academy. 

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