SmarterSoft delivers low-code, no-code tech for NGOs

Stuart Mason

For many non-profits and non-government organisations, technology issues can get in the way of delivering services to the people who need it most.

The need to have effective tech systems in place can either lead to NFPs spending less time with clients, or having ineffective software in place that can lead to worse results for these people.

But using the SmarterSoft solution, which provides “building blocks” for these organisations to easily create custom-fit solutions for their own systems, NFPs and NGOs can get back to doing what’s most important: helping those in need.

SmarterSoft’s Client and Case Management Software securely streamlines and centralises service delivery for NGOs and NFPs across multiple programs and locations.

Its no-code and low-code web technology can be used by these organisations to quickly build any kind of business application in the cloud, with no technical expertise needed.

SmarterSoft is a finalist in the InnovationAus 2023 Awards for Excellence in the GovTech category. You can secure your tickets to the Black-Tie event here.

SmarterSoft chief Martin Scicluna

SmarterSoft is based in Sydney, and has worked with a number of major NFPs, delivering its no-code software-as-a-service to help these organisations redirect funding to other areas of operation.

The company offers more than 30 customisable building blocks that allow clients to adapt their platforms specifically to their operations and the sector they are operating in.

SmarterSoft has worked with Vinnies since 2015.

“Since going live in 2015, we have spent more time achieving outcomes for people with disability, their families and carers and building more inclusive and accessible communities,” Vinnies said in a testimonial.

“Staff are confident in using the SmarterSoft system with minimal technical support required.”

It has also been used by Settlement Services International (SSI).

“Since implementing SmarterSoft we are now able to accurately monitor our client database and have picked up on missed opportunities,” an SSI testimonial said.

“The teams are now entering data daily as they are able to input simultaneously and efficiently. This leaves them more time to focus on service delivery and has even increased our client volume.”

SmarterSoft is 100 per cent owned, managed and supported in Australia, and meets stringent data security standards.

It also provides its services to a number of government clients, with a highly-flexible and customised data management platform and workflow and reporting solutions.

This can help government agencies and departments to digitise their processes and update legacy data systems with cutting-edge and scalable cloud-based technologies.

One such SmarterSoft client is the New South Wales government’s Aboriginal Housing Office.

“Client record keeping is much more streamlined and intuitive,” the agency said. “SmarterSoft seemed to have the best understanding of what we needed out of the providers we interviewed. They spent the time up front to make sure they understood, and that we got something tailor-made to our needs.”

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