Telstra Purple presses ahead with two Industry 4.0 acquisitions

Brandon How

Telstra continues to deepen its credentials as an integrated Industry 4.0 service provider with the acquisition of two Internet of Things specialists – Perth-based Alliance Automation and Brisbane’s Aqura Technologies.

The telco’s capabilities provider Telstra Purple will make a $30 million cash payment to spatial data services provider Veris for the takeover of Aqura, while the value of the Alliance Automation transaction is being held in confidence. Both firms have a presence in the resources, energy, infrastructure, and defence sectors.

Both acquired companies focus on digital transformation and the automation of enterprise operations, a trend that has been dubbed Industry 4.0, covering the ongoing convergence of operational technology with information technology.

The internet of things (IoT) is pivotal in this transformation as it entails the connection of physical equipment over the internet.

Telstra Purple presses ahead with Industry 4.0 claims

Prior to acquisition, Alliance Automation was an independent industrial automation solutions and control systems specialist. It also specialised in providing IoT cybersecurity in line with Australian, US and international standards. The firm employs more than 250 engineers and consultants in offices across Australia.

“Joining Telstra Purple will provide unparalleled value propositions for both our employees and our customers, taking Alliance Automation to the next level of technical capability and accelerating our push toward Industry 4.0 excellence for all of our customers,” Alliance Automation managing director and chief executive Matthew Griffiths said.

Aqura Technologies specialises in wireless, IoT, complete access networks, and unified communications capabilities. The firm has more than 90 staff in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide, alongside a FIFO workforce deployable across the country.

Veris chairman Karl Paganin described the deal as excellent for the growth of both Aqura and Veris.

“Whilst Aqura has been growing strongly under Veris’ ownership, the board is of the view that the timing is right to sell the business to provide the Aqura team the opportunity to accelerate this growth further by accessing Telstra’s existing sales and customer channels, along with the balance sheet strength to fund further organic growth opportunities via additional investments in sales and technology product offerings,” Mr Paganin said.

Aqura Technologies chief executive Travis Young said “We can now more rapidly accelerate our growth to meet the significant demand of organisations who are looking to leverage next-generation connectivity as part of their broader digitisation strategies.”

The acquisitions follow Telstra’s T25 strategy which officially launches in July this year. The strategy is based on four core pillars but is essentially designed to produce sustained growth by ensuring Telstra continues to lead in providing network and technology solutions.

“As our 10th and 11th acquisitions, Alliance Automation and Aqura Technologies will accelerate Telstra Purple’s growth, particularly in IoT, cloud and security, across key industry verticals, which are important building blocks of our T25 strategy,” Telstra Purple head Christopher Smith said.

“Both companies have demonstrated consistent historical growth, close customer and vendor relationships, backed up by a deep pool of specialist talent with a strong pipeline and growth outlook.”

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