Vax certificates now fully integrated with NSW check-in app

Joseph Brookes
Senior Reporter

COVID-19 digital vaccination certificates can now be integrated with the Service NSW app, allowing users to confirm their status when they check in to venues with a single app. The feature is available state-wide from Friday and follows a short trial in regional areas.

Previously, New South Wales residents needed to display the digital certificates using the federal Medicare app, which can also share the certificate with smartphone digital wallets, or print out or reques a hard copy.

77.8 per cent of people in New South Wales aged 16 and over are now fully vaccinated but there are significantly lower rates in certain areas.

New South Wales Minister for Digital and Customer Service Victor Dominello. Image: Twitter

“This is an extra digital service to make life easier for the businesses and customers of NSW as we open back up. NSW is the first jurisdiction in Australia to roll out an integrated QR code solution for displaying vaccination status state-wide,” Minister for Digital and Customer Service Victor Dominello said.

“When someone visits a venue, they’ll be able to show their green check-in tick and vaccination status simultaneously, saving staff and customers time.

“While integrating the COVID-19 digital certificate on to the Service NSW app will be optional, it will be the by far the easiest and quickest way to prove you’re fully vaccinated.”

Security experts and developers have warned the standalone digital certificates are “woefully insecure” and “very easy” to forge in just minutes.

The state government says its integration, which accesses federal held Australian Immunisation Register data, includes several security features.

A New South Wales Waratah logo hologram and rotating QR codes, similar to the Digital Driver Licence, will allow venues to validate the integrated certificates, according to the government.

The state-wide rollout follows a short pilot with clubs, aged-care facilities and taxis in regional New South Wales.

Mr Dominello said the integration was important to help prepare the state for any future outbreaks and to support international travel.

“Integrating the vaccine certificate also helps future proof our State’s digital infrastructure in the event that proof of vaccination is ever required again or if it’s still needed in certain settings like international travel,” he said.

To integrate the certificate with the state app users need to:

  • Ensure your Federal MyGov account is linked to Medicare
  • Download the Express Plus Medicare app and sign in with your MyGov account details
  • Select ‘Proof of vaccinations’ and then ‘View history’
  • Select ‘Share with check in app’ and then ‘Service NSW’

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  1. Devin 3 years ago

    Using a comparable process it can be integrated with the Victorian Services App as well.

  2. Ian Dennis 3 years ago

    Lest Innovation Australia also be accused of NSW bias, it might be pertinent to note that the Service Vic app also now includes the fully vaccinated certification feature.

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