AbilityMap applies intelligence to recruitment process

Denham Sadler
Senior Reporter

AbilityMap founders Mike Erlin and Kevin Chandler were trying to solve the same problem from a different direction.

It was a decade ago when the pair first met, and they quickly realised they had a shared vision around recruitment and human resources.

And both were trying to solve a crucial problem in the recruitment sector: That hiring managers were consistently reporting that they would not re-hire about a third of all their staff – demonstrating that many of the staff that had appeared outwardly qualified were not actually the most suitable for the jobs.

Mr Erlin was the then-managing director for Australia and New Zealand of NASDAQ-listed Cornerstone OnDemand, was looking to tackle the issue from a human capital point of view.

Mr Chandler, an organisational psychologist and co-founder of recruiting giant Chandler Macleod, was coming from the recruitment side of this challenge.

Both were looking to help companies measure and quantify the more elusive qualities of a role and an individual in order to make stronger and more efficient workplaces.

In 2016, the pair started to properly focus on their new company, and AbilityMap was born, offering next generation platform tech for matching people and roles.

The company’s framework evaluates the inherent capabilities of current staff and leadership, and potential new hires of any organisation in any industry.

A number of key clients, including Canon, Movember and Apprento, are already using the platform to plan and build their global footprint or place international hires.

AbilityMap is a finalist in the 2022 InnovationAus Awards for Excellence for the Creative Tech category. You can secure your tickets to the Black-Tie event here.

AbilityMap makes a “next generation human assessment” technology that it says helps build stronger workforces through higher performing and happier people.

The hardest part of hiring is often recognising the soft skills needed in potential employees and the human capabilities that are difficult to measure. But knowing these capabilities is critical to effective hiring and the development of a team.

The AbilityMap platform provides modelling and analytics to deliver these insights, and matches job profiles with candidates based on these competencies.

These human capabilities include communication, learning, teamwork, problem solving, planning and organisation, managing people, initiative and enterprise and self-management.

At its core, AbilityMap allows companies to articulate and measure the elusive skills they are looking for in employees.

The company says it saves its clients time and money while improving productivity, and assisting with avoiding the “whoops moments” when businesses realise they’ve hired the wrong person.

AbilityMap is a finalist in the Creative Tech category of the 2022 InnovationAus Awards for Excellence. The Awards dinner will be held at the spectacular Barangaroo venue at The Cutaway in Sydney on November 17. You can book your tickets here.

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