Accenture gets $11m boost for My Health Record ‘enhancements’

Denham Sadler
National Affairs Editor

Accenture has been handed more than $11 million to make “enhancements” to My Health Record across this financial year, with the Irish-domiciled multinational now paid nearly $641 million over a decade for work on the platform.

In June 2012 Accenture was awarded a contract for “national infrastructure services” for the My Health Record system, with the tech firm operating an Oracle-based platform underpinning the digital health service.

Across a number of amendments this contract has now ballooned out to be worth just under $641 million, running until the end of June next year.

Accenture has been awarded a further $11m for work on My Health Record

The first value increase was awarded in October 2019. In July last year, Accenture won a one-year extension of the contract worth $42.5 million, and a further $15 million to make a number of improvements to the system in the 2020-21 financial year.

The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) awarded Accenture a further $11.5 million recently to make more “enhancements” to My Health Record this financial year, a spokesperson said.

“Separate amendments were made to distinguish enhancement work from the contract extension,” the spokesperson told InnovationAus.

The Agency did not comment on what these further “enhancements” will involve, or what Accenture delivered as part of the previous contract amendment for more work.

The ADHA is embarking on a significant update to Australia’s digital health ecosystem.

In July the agency awarded consulting giant Deloitte a near-$18 million contract to develop the “foundational capability” for this ecosystem, known as the Health Information Gateway. This will be a “secure and scalable platform for exchanging and accessing health information” and will eventually replace the system currently managed by Accenture.

Microsoft was also recently awarded a short closed tender worth more than $600,000 by the ADHA as part of its whole-of-government sourcing agreement.

The ADHA has also gone to the market for a contractor to develop a MHR app which will connect to the broader system through a new gateway, supporting two interaction models for consumer-focused apps.

The latest lucrative contract amendment continues a strong year for Accenture, which is fast-becoming the federal government’s tech contractor of choice.

Accenture has been paid nearly $20 million to provide data solutions for Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout after being appointed to the role late last year.

It is also being paid $50 million across the next year for work on the government’s digital identity scheme, and won two contracts with the ATO in August worth a total of more than $70 million.

It was also finally confirmed this month that Accenture had won the tender to deliver a permissions capability to government, which will initially handle incoming passenger declaration cards for Home Affairs.

This capability will eventually be used across the government for a range of permissions and services.

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