Battery strategy: ‘If we mine it here, we should make it here’

James Riley
Editorial Director

  1. Alex 10 months ago

    Until there’s the actual construction of a lithium processing plant and a battery manufacturing facility, this is just more “consultation” that will go nowhere. Labor Gov’t likely to be voted out before the first sod is turned. Ed Husic just playing the sad music of yet another gov’t announcement… don’t believe a damn thing until an Aussie made battery is in your phone or other device, Until then it’s just hot air, of the same type generated in Canberra. Why there isn’t a wind-farm on top of Parliament House I don’t know, they produce so much of it. I guess because it just doesn’t amount to much!

  2. David Heath 10 months ago

    Not just batteries, we should be doing value add on most of our exports. Iron ore being a very obvious example.

    • Aaron Press 10 months ago

      This won’t happen the Greens will make sure of it. Labor will do what the Greens say. Anyway it’s cheaper to use child labor in the Congo to mine cobalt at 10c a day and feel like you are contributing to a better world while driving an EV than live in reality.

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