Diraq: A silicon spin on quantum computing

Stuart Mason

Quantum computing is set to revolutionise industries and everyday life, and Australia is leading the way on its development. To reach the scale needed, quantum computers need billions of qubits, and the industry is on the hunt for a truly scalable path to reach this number.

Sydney-based company Diraq has found a way to do this using silicon, and is aiming to be a global leader in full-stack quantum computing.

Diraq’s head of quantum control Henry Yang with chief executive and co-founder Andrew Dzurak

Its innovation is based on modified transistors, which are already used in digital products that we use every day. In utilising existing silicon hardware, Diraq is able to tap into the trillions of dollars already invested in this technology and nearly six decades of manufacturing capability offered by existing semiconductor factories, rather than starting from scratch.

In doing so, Diraq offers quantum computing technology that allows for full integration in small chipsets in a single, stable and compact system, which it believes will accelerate the adoption of quantum computing around the world.

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The development of the advancement started during the company’s founder Professor Andrew Dzurak’s tenure at the University of New South Wales. In May last year, Dzurak officially acquired the patents from the university and incorporated the company.

Diraq uses quantum dot technology and novel technology known as spins in silicon. The team now boasts 30 doctoral-level staff from more than 15 countries and a large global patent portfolio.

Over the last two decades, Dzurak’s research group has landed more than $100 million in grants and institutional and commercial funding, and from both the US and Australian governments.

The company has been provided with private capital from ICM Group and its tech investment arm Allectus capital.

The end goal for Diraq is to be an end-to-end quantum computer provider using the foundation of today’s chip manufacturers’ cloud computing companies and software algorithms to unlock the true promise and potential of quantum computing.

The company says that its technology can condense the significant power of a quantum computer onto a single chip, while its rivals are still proposing football field-sized buildings needed to do this. This gives Diraq advantages in terms of operational costs, power consumption and maintenance requirements.

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